5 Ways Imperfect Foods Keeps Money in Your Pocket While Saving the Planet!

What if I told you, you could save money and the planet at the same time….

No brainer…am I right?!? Let’s talk about the 5 ways getting an Imperfect Food subscription can benefit you and the planet! (Can I get a Hell Yeah!)

1. Get $10 off your future order

Can you say free groceries? That’s right my friends, momma’s here to give y’all $10 off your first order. 💁‍♀️ Just click the referral link Here to instantly get $10 off!

The savings don’t end there mi amigos, after you place your order, you’ll get a referral code yourself! If someone uses that code they get $10 off, and you get $10 credited to your account! Throw that thing up on social media, send out a group text, make a new friend on the street and take $ off your grocery bill.

2. What is Imperfect Foods

This company takes food destined to go to landfill and distributes it to its subscribers at a severe discount, up to 30%! They work directly with farmers to take their ugly or over produced foods that they cannot sell to grocery stores.

They have numerous different packages to choose from based on your dietary preferences. Whether you are plant based, consume animal products, or live and breathe by snack foods there is an option for you.

You get to customize what comes in your box every week, or if you like to live life on the edge, they will send you an auto generated box.

They will even recycle the packaging for you every week…lets be real, we all already have a collection of Amazon boxes, we don’t need any more cardboard boxes.

3. Produce at a Discount

Shopping produce discounts in the store can be a dangerous game. That clearance box of spinach sounded good at the store after you had the conversation with yourself about how eating that cheese burger and fries on the way there cause you were starving isn’t helping you get that summer bod. But you get home, and tomorrow you forgets your grand plan. Then a couple days go by and that box of spinach is now a science experiment.

Let’s be honest discounted produce at the store just doesn’t last long. With Imperfect Foods, you are getting FRESH produce that is going to last much much longer than those mushrooms that need to be used TODAY!

4. Time is Money

I mean…it’s self explanatory…. no fighting traffic to get to the store…no waiting in long checkout lines because the person ahead of you wanted to pay with a check… food delivered to your doorstep!

5. Take Care of The Planet, and it Will Take Care of You

Let’s have a chat… 40% of the food in the US goes uneaten, $218 BILLION in food is thrown away every year, 21% of fresh water supply is used to produce food, and 20 BILLION pounds of fresh produce go unharvested each year. When our planet starts to suffer, so do we. You may not see it directly, but if we don’t start making changes, our food supply chain is going to take a major hit, and so will your wallet. This is such a small change you can implement today, to not only benefit you, but our planet. 🌎💙

Bonus tip

This may not apply to everyone, but those who qualify for SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps may be eligible for a reduced cost box. They take a financial hit for this, but do it because they are a company with good morals. See their website for details

Get more details at Imperfect Foods

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