Frugality and Habit Change

Dear Fairy God Mother… tomorrow I wish to be a frugal Queen! 👸

Man, do I wish it was that easy… Unfortunately we as humans are creatures of habit, and let’s face it, living a frugal lifestyle requires habit change. Don’t sweat it friend, these things take time, and there are small ways you can implement frugality in your life today! Let’s go on a journey together…

Social Life

Being frugal does not mean you have to stay at home and binge TV shows on your best friend’s mom’s cousin’s Netflix account… I mean…. unless you’re into that. There are tons of free activities you can go and spread your social butterfly wings at.

Get outside! Going on a walk with a friend or even taking the kids to the park can be free social activities.

Look in your local paper for free community events. Don’t get the paper? Try looking online at your city’s web page or even community Facebook groups. Don’t miss out of free fire work shows, parades, or even library events!

Speaking of the library… If you’re not taking advantage of your local library, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. Not only are there always a ton of kid activities and events, but most libraries offer classes and other wonderful community events. You can even give back and volunteer at your local library!

Do you have a friend all in on fitness…I bet you do. Most gym memberships offer a free pass for a friend. Go and take a work out class, take a swim, or even take a long stroll on the treadmill with your bestie.


A girl has got to eat! But man, can food be expensive. Saving money on food all comes down to preparation and planning.

I’m not the first person to tell you this, but meal planning is ESSENTIAL! It’s 7PM and you just got home from soccer practice and you have nothing in the fridge, I guess we are ordering pizza! Wether you are planning weekly meals, meal prepping, or doing freezer cooking, you need to have a plan every day for food. (Blog post coming soon)

If you’re already meal planning and you’re looking for ways to save on your grocery bill, start shopping what you have in your house now. Use up what needs to be eaten first, then shop sales to fill in the rest. Creativity is key here friends. I recommend Pinterest or allrecepies for inspiration.

Couponing can be a job, but if you’re willing to put in the time it can save you some cash. There are also free apps that offer cash back for just doing your regular grocery shopping. Fetch rewards gives you points for scanning your receipts, those points can give you actual money dollars in the form of gift cards you can use towards your grocery bill! Click Here or download the app and use code 2PR2T for $2 worth of points! You can also refer friends for extra monetary bonuses!

Try taking meat out of your diet. Try not to freak out friends, you’re still going to get your daily protein intake, I promise. But let’s face it, meat is expensive! Eating vegetarian a couple nights a week can really reduce your grocery budget.


Unfortunately we live in a world where we are constantly being marketed things. Those marketing tactics get in out minds and get us to buy things we don’t truly need. Here are a few things to help with that.

Try not to watch media that are consumeristic. Sure, we have all gone down that YouTube binge on Top 10 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew you needed. So now at 1130PM I’m ordering a hotdog cooker that, let’s be real, is a chincy fire hazard… Try to find entertainment that doesn’t talk you into impulse buys.

If you have the choice, don’t go to strip malls or malls. Believe it or not, stores will lure you in with SALE signs. Getting you in the door is the hardest part, once you see those perfectly placed and manicured displays it’s hard to not imagine those things in your life. If you need to get an item, go to a specific place, have a plan, and try not to peruse the other sections “just to look”….


Here in America, healthcare is not cheap! Taking care of your body and mind are preventative ways to help reduce healthcare costs. Put good things in your body, be gentle with yourself, find a way to exercise, and don’t forget about your mental health!


Start small, budgeting all aspects of life can be overwhelming. Try one small chunk at a time. Start with groceries, then move on to clothing, then on to luxuries. If you tackle it all at once, you’re more inclined to give up And go back to your old ways. Be gentle with yourself, change takes time friends.

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